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    Can I just diet to lose weight?

    Can I just diet to lose weight?

    Yes, it is true you can lose weight just by dieting, there are many dieting programs out there that promise just that BUT there are some down sides to this!!

    One of the biggest problems with DIETS as a whole is the fact that they are not sustainable, eventually you will slip back into old habits because diets can be VERY restrictive and why do we want to give ourselves more obstacles in our way like tasty forbidden fruit?

    The healthiest way of losing weight is to change your food lifestyle, so you can maintain it FOREVER!!

    Follow some simple rules:-

    • If it swims, flies, walks or grows its good
    • Don’t over eat
    • Try to eat food that has had little human processes to your plate e.g a jacket potato with skin on instead of twice fried chips
    • Spread your calorie intake during the day between five meals instead of three
    • Less carbs in the evening
    • Eat three hours before bed
    • Multiple colours when it comes to fruit and veg
    • AVOID ALL TRANS FATS (these are man made and we can’t use them as energy we just store them, they are found in a lot of pre made food) check the ingredients list

    Using these changes alongside exercise 3-5 times a week you are guaranteed to shift that weight.






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